PCG Director Roger Kreimeyer has retired as director after 10 years of exemplary service to the garden. Roger was honored for his contributions at the first meeting of the 2021 season where he received a token of gratitude for his hard work.
In addition to his duties as director, Roger spent many hours helping with various projects and brought the fledgling garden from its humble beginnings of raw land to the thriving gardens that you see today. Under his leadership, the garden installed a dome for growing during colder weather, garden boxes to accommodate those who are unable to utilize a regular garden plot, improved water lines, new signage, added a pumpkin patch where the community can come and harvest a pumpkin in October plus much, much more.
PCG is very grateful for Roger’s time and leadership over the past 10 years. If you see him around the garden or in the community, please take a minute to let him know what a difference he has made.