Asparagus Beetle

asparagus beetle 2
Asparagus beetles are the most common insect problem. The 1/4 inch-long, metallic blue-black pests with three white or yellow spots on their backs chew on spears in spring and attack summer foliage. They lay dark eggs along the leaves, which hatch into light gray or brown larvae with black heads and feet. Control by hand picking; spray or dust seriously infested plants with Organic insecticidal soap. This will also control the 12-spotted asparagus beetle, which is reddish brown with six black spots on each wing cover and the foliage-eating Asparagus miner wich makes zig-zag tunnels on the stalks. Destroy any infested foliage – do not add to the compost pile.

Asparagus Miner

asparagus miner
The asparagus miner tunnels in stems and facilitates the transmission of disease mainly Fusarium crown and root rot. This makes them much harder to reach with the Organic insecticidal soap.