How To Grow Herbs

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bay_leaf       BAY LEAF
chives         CHIVE
coriander_closeup      CILANTRO
dill           DILL
mint           MINT
parsley      PARSLEY
rosemary      ROSEMARY
tarragon      TARRAGON

 Helpful Links

To aid in your gardening success, here are some useful, trusted links for more information on herbs.

15 of the Easiest Herbs to Grow for Beginners - Better Homes & Gardens

How to Start an Herb Garden - Gardenary

Herbs - Clemson Cooperative Extension Home & Garden Information Center

Easy Tips for Growing Herbs in Containers - The Spruce

Please remember Payson Community Garden is an organic garden. Some of these sites may contain recommendations for non-organic products. Please see this website or Plant Fair Nursery website for a list of recommended products
that meet the organic standards of Payson Community Garden.

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