PCG would like to thank the following organizations and individuals
without whom this garden would not have been possible…

Payson First Church of the Nazarene
The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints
Kenny Evans, Former Mayor of Payson
Tommie Martin, Former Gila County Supervisor
George Randall, Payson Concrete and Materials
“Tractor Mike” Frandsen
Glen McCombs, Plant Fair Nursery
Roy Haught, Excavating
Ted Prince
Neumann Paint & Supply
Town of Payson

Payson Roundup Newspaper
KMOG Radio
University of Arizona Extension Div
Waste Matters
Little Stinkers
Boy Scouts of America
Diane & Rod Rockman
Arizona State Fire
ack collage 2

Arizona Public Service (APS)
Ace Hardware
Home Depot
Tree Pro
Arbor Tree Care
Relief Society, LDS Church
Payson H.S. Tree Agriculture & Automotive Repair
Brian Keith Painting
Kurt Longfellow
Darrell Jenkins
Don Flower
Missionaries, LDS Church
U-Turn for Christ
Gila County Master Gardeners
Anita Barker (photos on this site)
Every season, there are many others who help to maintain the garden on a day to day basis. They are too numerous to list but you can see some of their pictures on this page. Some have never had pictures taken but we thank them all for their dedication and perseverance. Without their help, the garden would not exist.