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Individual Plot Usage Agreement
As a plot owner, I agree to these terms:

  • I will pay the ANNUAL FEE of $60.00 for usage of one (6’x25′) plot including water.
  • I will plant vegetables to share with the food banks and donate a minimum of 20% of my produce.
  • I understand the garden is operated by volunteers and that I will volunteer 3 shifts per season as a garden monitor.
    (The garden is closed on Sunday)
  • I will not bring pets to the garden. I understand that children should be well supervised.
  • I will participate in a scheduled garden workday at least once per season.
  • I will not cultivate illegal plants, trees of any size or berry bushes.
  • I will not use my plot for any commercial purpose.
  • I will not make any attempt to claim ownership of my plot.
  • Water:

  • I will conserve water usage by using drip system or soaker hoses with a control valve connection. I understand limited hand watering
    is acceptable.
  • I will not flood irrigate or attach my water system to the common (purple) waterlines.
  • I will follow all watering guidelines as outlined in the Garden Guidelines.
  • I will be responsible for any damage I cause, including water pipes in the walkway or on my plot. I will notify staff immediately of any damage.
  • Plot Usage:

  • I will use only Organic, OMRI, 100% natural (non-chemical) approved fertilizers, pesticides and weed controls. I will not use any
    chemical herbicides. I understand that free manure, compost and wood chips may be available.
  • I understand that I can construct supports and shade systems in my garden as long as the maximum height is 5 feet.
  • I will harvest in a timely manner or I will authorize the staff to pick produce from my garden for the food banks by putting my name on the “Pick List”.
  • In the event that over-ripe produce is observed and my garden is not on the “Pick List”, I will receive notice by one phone call. If there is
    no response to the call (or to a message left), I give permission to the Garden Staff to pick that produce to avoid waste.
  • I will pick only my own crops. I will not disturb or harvest other plots unless another gardener requests my assistance.
  • I will clean up my plot at the end of each season and remove all plants, weeds and watering system. I will follow the instructions
    received in the season closing guidelines.
  • I will keep my plot and the common area surrounding it weed free. I will keep vegetable plants trimmed within the plot boundaries and
    keep the aisles around my garden mulched with wood chips and clear of tripping hazards and safe for pedestrian and wagon use.
  • If my plot becomes unkempt, overgrown, or unharvested, I will be given two weeks notice by telephone, voicemail, text or email to
    resolve the issue. If the issues are not resolved after notice is given, my plot may be deemed “abandoned” and may be re-assigned
    without further notice or plot fee refund.
  • The garden staff may remove diseased plants or treat bug infestation if I can not be contacted.
  • If I must relinquish my plot, I will notify the Garden Staff within two weeks.
  • General:

  • I understand that if I have complied with all the provisions of this agreement, as a gardener in good standing, I will have first
    “right-of-refusal” to use the plot in the next growing season.
  • I understand that any violation of these terms may be grounds for termination of my Plot Usage Agreement.
I understand that the owner of the property, that I am using, is the Church of the Nazarene International. I understand that neither the Payson Community Garden Staff members nor the land owners are responsible for my actions. I therefore agree to hold harmless the Community Garden Staff and the Church of the Nazarene and its officers and members for any injury, liability, damage, loss or claim that may occur in connection with the use of the garden by me or any of my guests.
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